Sattriya Nritya is one of the eight classical dance forms in India. The dance form has traditionally has remained closely associated with the Sattras – the monasteries of Assam. Srimanta Sankaradeva, the Assamese Vaishnav saint from the 15th century is the creator of this dance form.

Originating from the Sattras, today Sattriya dance has touched the lives of every Assamese living within the State or outside.

Assam Association Delhi has set up the first Sattriya Dance classroom in Delhi for everyone to come and learn this traditional classical dance form from Assam.

Sattriya Nritya is accompanied by musical compositions called borgeets which are based on classical ragas. The instruments that accompany a traditional performance are khols (drums), taals (cymbals) and the flute. Other instruments like the violin and the harmonium have been recent additions. The dresses are usually made ofPaat – a type of silk produced in Assam, woven with intricate local motifs. The ornaments, too, are based on traditional Assamese designs.

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