Memorandum of Association of


(Registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860)

Act XXI of 1860



Clause 1 The name of the society is “The Assam Association, Delhi NCR” (hereinafter called the Association).

Clause 2 The Registered office of the Association shall be situated in the Union Territory of Delhi and is situated at the following address :

Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhavan

A-14B, Satsang Vihar Marg,

Qutab Institutional Area,

New Delhi – 110067

Clause 3 The aims and objectives of the Association are

3.1 To proivde a forum for the residents of Delhi and NCR, from Assam for social and cultural contacts.

3.2 To organize and hold social and cultural functions and festivals mainly related to the art & culture of Assam and the NE on suitable occasions.

3.3 To establish social and cultural relationship with similar associations.

3.4 To organize and hold meetings, lectures, discourses and symposiums on various topics of social, cultural and economic issues specially pertaining to Assam and the North East.

3.5 To administer the “Assam Association Cultural and Educational Trust” (Hereinafter called Trust) for the purpose of establishing a Cultural Center for the following purposes:-

3.5.1 To impart training in arts, dances and dramas.

3.5.2 To conduct educational activities such as Assamese language classes.

3.5.3 To conduct seminars, conventions and literary discussions.

3.5.4 To organize any other activity deemed necessary for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association.

3.5.5 To provide affordable accommodation / community facilities to members of the Association.

3.6 To set up and administer any other subordinate body that may be required to be formed for furtherance of the interest of the Association.

3.7 To raise fund for the Association / Trust / any other subordinate body through subscription, donations, gifts, grants and loans from individuals, organizations and Government sources or by any other legitimate means.

3.8 To acquire and hold movable and immovable properties of the Association.

3.9 To acquire and hold all immovable properties of the Trust / any other subordinate body.

3.10 To provide assistance / relief for medical treatment, natural calamities, higher education and any other philanthropic cause that the Association decides to undertake.

3.11 To do all such acts, deeds, and things as are incidental to or conductive for the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Association.


Clause 1: Definitions In these rules unless the context state otherwise requires

1.1 Association means the Assam Association, Delhi (NCR).

1.2 Life Member means a member of the Association who opts to be a member for life after paying the stipulated life membership fee and who has been admitted to the Association as per rules stipulated subsequently.

1.3 An Annual Member means a member of the Association who opts to remain as a member of the Association for short period of a year by paying the annual membership fee and his/her request is accepted by the Association as per rules.

1.4 A Temporary Member means a member who wants to use the privileges and facilities for very short period not exceeding 7 days by paying the temporary membership fee.

1.5 The Trust means the Assam Association Cultural and Educational Trust.

1.6 The General Body means the assembly of the members of the Association assembled in a general meeting held under these rules.

1.7 The Committee means the Executive Committee of the Association as constituted under the rules.

1.8 AGM means Annual General Body Meeting.

1.9 NE means the North East region of India.

Clause 2: Who all are entitled to be members of the Associations (Life / Annual / Temporary Membership)

2.1 Any person hailing from Assam and residing in Delhi and NCR shall be entitled to be enrolled as a member of the Association subject to conditions laid out subsequently.

2.2 Any other person who fulfills the following conditions.

2.2.1 He/she has made Assam his / her second home / served in Assam for a reasonable period.

2.2.2 Whose spouse fulfills other criteria to be a member.

2.2.3 Who displays dedication in enhancing the culture and ethos of Assam and believes in the aims and objectives of the Association.

2.3 Any person of outstanding repute in any field of human activity is also entitled to be a member of the Association.

2.4 The committee has the unquestionable discretion to decide whether an aspiring person can be made a member of the Association or not and it is legally not bound to justify the reasons when an application for membership is rejected.

2.5 He / She is minimum 21 years old.

Clause 3: Rules Governing Enrolling A Member

Clause 3.1 Any person desiring to be a life member will apply in a prescribed from with the life membership fee to the General Secretary of the Association. He / she will be proposed and seconded by a life member each. The application will be considered by the committee for acceptance.

Clause 3.2 On acceptance by the committeee, the appliant will be intimated and subject to realization of the cheque will be admitted. In case of cash payment he will be admitted straightway.

Clause 3.3 Once the application for memebrship is confirmed by the committee his/her spouse automatically gets the life membership of the Association if she/he applies in the prescribed form and pays the spouses life membership fee.

Clause 3.4 Life membership is not transferable to anyone including the spouse.

Clause 3.5 The committee after due deliberation and consideration may confer the honorary membership to a very eminent person of outstanding repute in any fields of human activity who will not pay any membership fee. For all practical purpose such a member will exercise equal rights as that of a life member, except voting rights.

Clause 3.6 The General Secretary can enroll any member who fulfils the conditions of rule 2 as an Annual Member on payment of the stipulated annual membership fee for a year. The aspiring person will apply in prescribed form to the General Secretary. The General Secretary will first scrutinize such application and convince himself/herself that the social profile of the person befits admission and after obtaining the go ahead from the president will admit him. The General Secretary will be required to bring to the notice of the committee at the earliest opportunity the list of such persons for ratification.

Clause 3.7 The Annual member will have no voting right or the right to stand for any office.

Clasue 3.8 The Annual membershp is expendable to maximum three years upon payment of the annual membership fee each year.

Clause 3.9 The aspiring annual memebr will fill in a Personal Data Sheet as approved from time to time before his admission which will be kept for record purpose by the General Secretary or his/her representative.

Clasue 3.10 Any one who desires to avail the facilties available for a short period can pay a nominal fee and apply for Temporary membership of the Application. He / She will be admitted straightaway provided he/she is endorsed by a life member. Such temporary membership is valid for a week only. Any extension will be at the discretion of the management.

Clause 3.11 Members shall be liable for disciplinary action for acts prejudical to the interest of the Admission.

Clause 3.12 For all the three category of memebrs, i.e., Life member, Annual member their spouses and children below 21 years (unmarried girl child upto 30 years will be entitled to all the privileges of the members, except voting rights and right to stand for any office of the Association for the respective entitled periods.

Clause 4: Admission Fee

Clause 4.1 The one time fee to be paid to become a life member will be decided by the committee which can be revised from time to time.

Clause 4.2 The fee to be paid by the posue will be on oconcessional rates. The committee will decide the extent of concession.

Clause 4.3 The annual as well as the temporary membership fee will similarly be decided by the committee.

Clause 4.4 The committee has the power to revise the membership fee as and when it feels the need, The AGM will be informed about it at the earliest opportunity.

Clause 5: General Body

Clause 5.1 The General Body is the supreme authority on all matters of the Association.

Clause 5.2 The General Body is the only authority bestowed with the powers to alter/change/amend the constitution of the Association.

Clause 5.3 The General body similarly has the undquestionable powers to form / alter / change / amend / scrap the Trust deed of the Trust or any other subordinate body that may be formed in a later date.

Clause 5.4.1 The Committee will call compulsorily the Anual General Body meeting of the Association once every year before First of September to transact the following business.

Clause 5.4.2 To receive and adopt the Annual Report and Audited annual Accounts of the Association.

Clause 5.4.3 To receive and adopt the Annual reports(s) and Audited Annual Accounts of the Trust and any other subordinate bodies formed by the General Body in the future.

Clause 5.4.4 To consider and adopt any Resolution, duly proposed and seconded by a life member each and satisfying the requirements specified in the notice issued for the General Body Meeting.

Clause 5.4.5 To elect, whenever due, the new office bearers of the Association and Trustees of the trust and any other subordinate body formed by the General Body in the future.

Clause 5.4.6 To discuss any suggestion / comment from members regarding the conduct of the affairs of the Association and the trust.

Clause 5.5 The committee can call for an extra ordinary General Body Meeting whenever committee deems it essential by giving notice as per stipulated time frame.

Clause 5.6 At least 21 days notice is mandatory for calling a General Body Meeting. In case of Annual General body Meeting it is mandatory to display / send the Audited Annual Accounts of both the Association and Trust at least two weeks before the meeting, for all members to see them in advance In the letter sent to the members informing about the General Body, the place and date where the accounts will be displayed will be mentioned.

Clause 5.7 One third of the life members having voting rights may requisition an Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting giving the notice in writing specifying the purpose thereof to the president upon which such a meeting will be convened within one month of receiving such a notice.

Clause 5.8 The quorum for a general body is one third of the life members. The chair can adjourn a general body meeting for incomplete quorum for half an hour.

Clause 5.9 An adjourned meeting when reassembled shall need no quorum.

Clause 5.10 A requisitioned meeting shall not be adjourned for want of quorum but such a meeting shall be dissolved after half an hour of the specified time if the quorum is not formed.

Clause 5.11 All matters in a general body will be decided by majority votes except as provided otherwise in these rules. Each member will have one vote. Proxy vote will not be allowed.

Clause 5.12 The election of new office bearer if there is more than one contender for the same post will be conducted by secret ballot. For conduct of election, the Committee will appoint a suitable member of the Association as the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer will co-opt two or more members as neutral members to assist him in the election process.

Clause 5.13 The names of the Returning Officer and the neutral members will be communicated to each member along with the election notification. A candidate will have the right to withdraw his/her candidature in writing to the Returning Officer at least 3 days in advance. In case no contestant remains in the fray, the General Body will nominate an alternative to hold that post.

Clause 5.14 The names of the eligible voters will be handed over to the candidates on demand by the General Secretary.

Clause 5.15 No new member enrolled after the date of election notification will be eligible to be included in the voters list.

Clause 5.16 The decision of the General Body is final and binding on all members and cannot be challenged.

Clause 6: The Executive Committee

Clause 6.1 The General Body will elect an Executive Committee comprising oftwenty two members which will include the following office bearers:

President One
Vice Presidents Two (One Reserved for a Lady Member)
General Secretary One
Secretary, Culture One
Secretary, Welfare One
Secretary, Co-Ordination One
Treasurer One
Editor, Samayik One
Executive Members from
Delhi and New Delhi Six (Atleast one each from East & North Delhi)
Gurgaon One
Noida and Greater Noida One
Ex-Officio Five (The outgoing President, General Secretary, Treasurer and both current and outgoing managing Trustee of Trust)

The tenure of the committee is for two years.

Clause 6.2 In addition to above the committee can co opt a maximum of two members if in the opinion of the committee such co opting will help furtherance of the Associations cause. Such co opted member can be selected only from amongst life members and their tenure will be as per the pleasure of the Committee.

Clause 6.3 The General Secretary, with the permission of the president, can invite any other member / members to attend a Committee Meetinng as special invitee for specific purposes. Such invitee will not have any say in the decision making process.

Clause 6.4 The committee shall exercise all executive authorities on behalf of the Association and shall control and supervise the works of the office bearers.

Clause 6.5 The committee have powers to constitute standing and sub committees for various purposes when deemed necessary and regulate their function.

Clause 6.6 The committee shall provide for proper custody of funds and properties of the Association and exercise control over all expenditure.

Clause 6.7 The committee will work in close coordination with the trust (by virtue of the President of the Association being the Chairman of the Trust and eight of the committee members of the Association being Trustees) for the furtherance of the causes of the Association and the Trust.

Clause 6.8 In case of equal division of opinion in the committee, the President will have the casting vote.

Clause 6.9 The quorum for a committee meeting is 8 members.

Clause 7: Duties and responsibilities of the office bearers of the Association

Clause 7.1 The President

Clause 7.1.1 The President is responsible to the General Body for all matters pertaining to the Association, the Trust and any other future subordinate body/bodies.

Clause 7.1.2 He/She will preside over all meetings of the General Body and the committee.

Clause 7.1.3 He/She will supervise all activities of the Association and the Trust.

Clause 7.1.4 He/She will be the Chairman of the trust and will preside over all meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Clause 7.1.5 He/She will ensure all the office bearers of the Association and the Trust conduct their business impartially, diligently and honestly and the finances of the Trust and the Association are utilized properly.

Clause 7.2 The Vice Presidents

Clause 7.2.1 The Vice Presidents shall assist the President in carrying out his / her functions and in his/her absence the senior most vice president shall exercise the functions of the President.

Clause 7.2.2 The seniority will be decided mutually by the two Vice Presidents.

Clause 7.2.3 In the absence of both the Preisdent and the Senior Vice President, the second vice President shall function as the President.

Clause 7.3 The General Secretary

Clause 7.3.1 The General Secretary is the executing authority of the decision taken by the committee and shall be responsible to the Committee and the President for all matters pertaining to the association.

Clause 7.3.2 The General Secretary is the custodian of all properties, records and assets of the Association.

Clause 7.3.3 He/she shall maintain upto date records in a proper manner of the assets and properties of the Association other than as mentioned in clause 7.5.2 and ensure that when relinquishing his/her duties to the next incumbent all properties, records and assets are properly handed over.

Clause 7.3.4 He/she shall be responsible to maintain all records of proceedings of the committee and General Body meetings in a chronological manner and report to the committee and General Body regularly in each subsequent meetings about the implementation status of their decisions.

Clause 7.3.5 In consulation with the president, the General Secretary shall initiate correspondence with other agencies, issue notices and arrange all activities of the Association.

Clasue 7.3.6 The General Secretary shall maintain close liasion with the Managing Trustee of the Trust and ensure proper functioning of the Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhawan.

Clause 7.4 The Secretary, Co-ordination

Clause 7.4.1 The Secretary co-ordination, in absence of the General Secretary, will perform the duties of the General Secretaries for the period of his/her absence.

Clause 7.4.2 The Secretary Co-ordination shall be responsible to the General Secretary to co-ordinate all affairs of the Association including enrolling of new members, keeping up to date record of all three categories of members separately in a membership register and preparation of Electrol roll.

Clause 7.4.3 The Secretary Co ordination shall carry out any other duty assigned by the committee, the President or the General Secretary for specific purposes.

Clause 7.5 The Secretary, Culture

Clause 7.5.1 The Secretary Culture shall be responsible to the General Secretary to conduct all affairs related to art and culture of the Association.

Clause 7.5.2 He/she shall be custodian of all musical instruments, sound and lighting systems of the Association and the Trust and ensure they are kept in fully serviceable condition at all times.

Clause 7.5.3 He/she shall organize cultural and entertainment programmes and make all arrangements necessary for success of the programmes.

Clause 7.5.4 He/she shall carry out any other duty assigned to him by the President or the General Secretary in the interest of the Association.

Clause 7.6 The Secretary Welfare

Clause 7.6.1 The Secretary Welfare is responsible to the President and General Secretary for all welfare activities of the Association.

Clasue 7.6.2 He/she shall be responsible to organize relief and rehabilitation work that the committee decides to undertake for disaster management.

Clause 7.6.3 He/she shall maintain an up to date list of such members who are old or seriously sick and take such measures that may be necessary to help them.

Clasue 7.6.4 In case of any unfortunate demise of any meber or his / her very near and dear ones, he/she shall inform as many members as possible and help the bereaved family in whatever way he/she deems necessary.

Clause 7.6.5 He/she will undertake any othe rwelfare measure decided by the committee.

Clause 7.7 The Treasurer

Clause 7.7.1 The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all finances of the Association.

Clause 7.7.2 He/she shall jointly operate the bank accounts of the Association with the General Secretary.

Clause 7.7.3 He/she shall be the custodian of petty cash.

Clause 7.7.4 He/she shall maintain all books of accounts and ensure the finances are used properly and diligently.

Clause 7.7.5 Any irregularity observed will be brought to the notice of the President immediately for taking corrective action.

Clasue 7.7.6 The Treasurer shall maintain upto date records of receipts and expenditures, and submit the accounts audited by the internal auditor to the committee within 45 days of the financial year end for approval. Thereafter the accounts will be audited by the chartered accountant. He/she shall ensure the audited accounts are displayed as per clause 5.6.

Clause 8: The Assam Association Cultural and Educational Trust

Clause 8.1 The objectives, rules and regulations of the Trust will be governed by the Trust deed framed with the approval of the General Body which will be based on the following guide lines.

Clause 8.2 There shall be three types of Trustees, namely.

Clause 8.2.1 Permanent Trustees : All living trustees who were life trustees when the trust was initially formed will remain as permanent trustees for life.

Clause 8.2.2 Appointed Trustees : They will be appointed by the General Body of the Association. Their tenure will be as per the trust deed. The no. of such trustees will be decided by the EC before every AGM to ensure that total no. of Permanent Trustees and Appointment Trustees remain at Eight (i).

Clause 8.2.3 Ex Officico Trustees : The followings will be the ex officio trustees.

Clasue The President of the Association shall be the chairman of the Trust.

Clause The two Vice Presidents.

Clasue The General Secretary of the Association.

Clause The Treasurer of the Association.

Clause The outgoing President.

Clause The outgoing General Secretary.

Clause 8.2.4 The Managing Trustee will be selected from among the trustees by the board of Trustees. His/her tenure will be as per the trust deed.

Clause 8.2.5 The management of the trust and its assets and properties will be the responsibility of the Managing Trustee.

Clause 8.2.6 The Managing Trustee shall be responsible for all financial transactions of the trust including maintaining books of accounts.

Clause 9: Financial Management and powers

Clause 9.1 The bank accounts of the Association and the Trust will be operated jointly by any two as follows :

Association: Treasurer | General Secretary | President

Trust: Managing Trustee | Chairman | One Appointed Trustee

(to be decided by the Board of Trustees)

Clause 9.2 The Board of Trustee can appoint a member of the trust to be the third trustee to operate the account for convenience of day to day functioning.

Clause 9.3 The committee and the Board of Trustees will decide the financial powers of each office bearers for the Association and the Trust respectively at the start of each financial year and these powers will be strictly adhered to.

Clasue 9.4 The General Secretary and the Managing Trustee will prepare the budget for the year and submit it to the Committee and Board of Trustees respectively based on which the financial powers will be decided.

Clause 10: Auditing of accounts

Clause 10.1 The accounts of the Association and the Trust will be internally audited by suitable team of internal auditors appointed by the Committee.

Clause 10.2 The accounts of both the trust and the Association will be audited annually by a chartered accountant who will be appointed by the Committee and the Board of Trustees respectively for a three year term. For reasons of non performance the auditor can be changed prematurely.

Clause 11:

The clauses 9 and 10 will be applicable for any other subordinate body that may be formed in future.